Carwarden House Community School

Wellbeing at Carwarden

At Carwarden, we believe that mental health and wellbeing are the basis for a happy and successful life at school and beyond; they sit at the heart of our school life . 

Wellbeing forms one of Carwarden's four strategic priorities, playing a key role in our school ethos and shaping our policies and procedures. We strive to improve the wellbeing of our students and staff in everything we do, seeking to build resilience, identify and monitor concerns, and support students and families who face challenges.

We are delighted to hold the Wellbeing Award for Schools, developed by the National Children’s Bureau and Optimus Education, recognising the outstanding work being done to promote mental health and wellbeing within our school and school communities across England.

This award focuses on ensuring effective practice and provision is in place to promote the emotional wellbeing and mental health of both staff and students. The award focusses on enhancing the long-term culture of the whole school, helping us deliver staff and student wellbeing, review our staff training, and revise our policies.

We work hard to ensure that every student's voice is really heard and that their programme with us is highly personalised. The staff training programme includes sessions not only about mental health but how we can make a difference through building pupils' resilience.