Carwarden House Community School

Self-Isolation and Remote Learning Provision

Our remote education & learning offer will continue to be provided if your child is required to self-isolate but is well enough to work at home. We will endeavour to enable those, with access to Zoom, opportunities to join in some class sessions with their peers. Students will be provided with on-line or hard copy resources to ensure individual students self-isolating are taught a planned and well sequenced curriculum with meaningful and ambitious work each day in a number of different subjects, including providing feedback. It is our aim that this follows as closely as possible the curriculum they are taught in school.

Immediate provision will be via Seesaw activities set by the tutor and specialist teachers. Feedback on this work will be given via the Seesaw App.

Seesaw is a free resource that can be accessed on most digital devices. The best device to use it on is an iPad/tablet or laptop/PC.

The students have all had a chance to try the Seesaw App in school and are familiar with how it works.

Longer term remote provision will be provided by a combination of Zoom Class Sessions and Seesaw Activities and in some cases by home learning packs that will be posted out.

Zoom classes will be within normal school hours and follow the curriculum they would normally have in school. Feedback will be given by Zoom and via Seesaw teacher comments on individual Seesaw tasks. Zoom is available online and as an App on most devices. It can be accessed via the Internet on:

Parents of students without online access can contact the school, and we will endeavour to provide.