Carwarden House Community School

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

Duke of Edinburgh Award – Bronze Award

Carwarden House School offers the Bronze DofE Award at KS4 and KS5.

The DofE Award is a long standing, highly regarded and widely recognised qualification for young people in the UK and elsewhere in the world. The DofE participant is challenged to succeed in a number of different areas; the 4 sections of the DofE Bronze Award are: Physical, Skill, Volunteering and Expedition. For the first three sections, one must be undertaken regularly for 6 months whilst the remaining two are for 3 months each. For those choosing it in Y10 or Y12, our DofE programme is run as part of the school timetable with the staff organising the activities for each section and maintaining the evidence required by each participant to demonstrate the progress made towards achieving their award.

The DofE Award is an individual programme, and as such the expectations for each section should be tailored to meet a participant's capabilities.

Each participant should find the sections a challenge but ones that they can meet with support, encouragement and determination. The DofE is not competitive between participants; fostering teamwork and support of fellow participants in their challenges is a key outcome for the DofE Award.

Expedition – Bronze Award

The Expedition is probably the most anticipated element of the DofE for most participants (and their parents/carers). The basic requirements for the Expedition at Bronze award level is for two days of outdoor activity linked by an overnight stay. Within this expectation we are able to adapt elements to suit the participant’s abilities whilst ensuring it presents an individual and group challenge to them all.

After completing the Bronze Award, a participant can continue on with the Silver and then Gold Awards which may be offered at their FE College or by other organisations for young people.