Carwarden House Community School

School Closure Resources

Should we ever have to close the school to students for any reason, resources and learning packs will be made available.

 Here are some activities put together by the Carwarden House School team.


Go on ‘Spellodrome’ and practice your spellings. 

Try using these websites to enjoy some activities to help your literacy skills:

Use this one to think of some story writing ideas:


‘Mathletics’:  students login details can be found inside their planners or attached below is a step by step guide on how to access Mathletics and other Maths based websites.  - find out about Chinese New Year, lots of art and craft activities  maths games - students can choose their focus.  For information we are currently working on fractions.

Take a handful of coins:

*Sort them into groups, eg bronze and silver

*Create a tally chart, how many of each coin do you have

*Add up the value of a selection of coins

*Counting - label some bowls with different numbers.

*Count the correct number of pieces of pasta into each bowl.

Research a fairy cake recipe

 *Set the oven to the correct temperature.

 *Measure the ingredients accurately.

*Count the correct number of cake cases into the tin.

* Divide the mixture evenly between the cake cases.

*Calculate what time the cakes will be cooked from the time you put them into the oven.

*Set a timer.

*Divide the cakes.  How many can each person in your family eat if they are shared evenly.

Create word problems: I have 12 cakes. If I eat 2 how many will be left.


A typing tutor you might want to try to improve your keyboard skills:  

Build a snowman- Measure the height in cms, mms or a unit of your choice.

Make symmetrical snowflakes and put line of symmetry in (make it colourful!)

Measure the depth of snow in different places. Take the measurements at different times of the day. 

Make numbers/shapes in the snow and take photos.

How many snowballs can you make in a minute? Can you beat it next time? By how much?

Cyber safety and more about money

1. Go on the internet and find out the meaning of these words:


Phishing e-mail



Identity theft

Lottery scam


2. Look up how much an old 1933 penny is worth today.

3. Name 4 checks on a £20 note you can use to make sure the note is real. 

4. Use a selection of coins and make up 10p eight different ways

5. Use a section of coins to make up £1 - how many ways can you find?

Life Skills

Create a poster on healthy eating and lifestyle (Exercise)

Create a PowerPoint on why it’s dangerous to Smoke/Take drugs/Drink alcohol

Create a guide on how to be a good friend

Quizzes on the Internet (Bullying and Cyber Bullying)

Video clips to watch on friendship

Home Skills & Wider World

Make a poster (perhaps on the computer) about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated.

Find out what creature was the zodiac Chinese animal in the year you were born.

Make a shopping list for your favourite ‘stir fry’ dish.  If you can, go with someone to buy the ingredients and make the dish at home.  

Snow day activities 

Weather Check

Look on your phone (or the Internet) for the weather forecast for where you live.

Make a chart with the area you live (location), date, time, type of weather (symbols below) and temperature.

Check the weather every two hours and add details to your chart.

Look up the weather at different places you know (elsewhere in this country or somewhere else in the world).  Compare the weather there to how it is here. Add these details to your chart. 

Ideas for Parents 

Books & Reading 

Make a Paper Snowflake 

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