Carwarden House Community School

Curriculum Offer

Curriculum for Life

Our curriculum has evolved to meet the individual and changing needs of our students and to be entirely relevant to their future lives.

  Following extensive consultation with staff, parents and students, we designed a new curriculum with the specific aim of developing the skills, knowledge, behaviours and attitudes that young people require to be as independent, autonomous and employable as they can possibly be in their adult life.

We believe our curriculum supports the development of the whole student with the explicit aim that they become the best possible version of themselves. 

We passionately believe all out students can make a valuable contribution to both the communities they live in and to the wider economy.  Our commitment is to prepare them as well as we can for their future roles in society.  Developing confidence, a pride in their achievements, resilience and a sense of wellbeing and positive mental health are all important factors in their journey to success. 

The 5 Golden Strands

Extensive research and evidence from a wide range of sources and research helped us identify 5 Golden Strands of learning and development essential to our students’ future life chances:

  1. Academic Functional Skills

  2. Social Skills

  3. Daily Living Skills

  4. Community Skills

  5. Employability Skills

Our curriculum and programme of study is organised around these strands, with a bespoke assessment framework capturing progress through the Entry Level continuum and up to Level 2.   Capturing the small and incremental steps of progress is really important and allows us and the students to plan effectively for their ‘next steps’.

We believe that effective learning and our students’ ability to make progress is not limited to classroom activities but should also be supported by giving them the opportunity to take and apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge in the community.   Our fleet of cars and minibuses enables us to take our students into the wider community on a very regular basis. This approach is further enhanced by personalised work experience and FE college opportunities for all students in KS4 & KS5, access to a wide range of leisure activities and numerous educational trips and residential opportunities (both at home and abroad).  

For more information on our specialised curriculum please do not hesitate to ask. 

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