Carwarden House Community School

Frequently Asked Questions

What is wellbeing and why is it important?

There are several definitions of wellbeing, but most are based on health and happiness. It is important because this is what we truly want for our children. Research has proven that without emotional and physical wellbeing, students will not be able to reach their full potential.

How does the school provide a healthy and welcoming environment?

The health and happiness of our students is a consideration at every level of decision making, and is part of the success criteria by which we judge our performance as an organisation. We operate an open door policy and welcome visits to the school. 

How can we support our child’s wellbeing at home?

By encouraging your child to engage with the school’s wellbeing programme, and getting involved yourself, we believe there is a significant amount to gain. Simply by being there for them and spending time talking with them you will be helping them develop the skills they need to overcome challenges in later life. By working together, we can support our children more effectively.

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Who can we speak to if we’re concerned about our child’s wellbeing at school?

 For any concerns about a child's wellbeing, please contact their tutor in the first instance. For any general concerns please contact our designated wellbeing lead, Michelle Black.