Carwarden House Community School

Multi Academy Trust

We are fully committed to growth, collaboration and innovation to secure an outstanding future for our school community and for every student in our care.

We are currently a ‘stand-alone’ Multi Academy Trust (MAT):     

Iris Academy Trust

We value the opportunity to share our expertise and look to continually learn and further develop our practice by working alongside others. We actively seek opportunities to work in partnership and collaboration with other specialist provision for the mutual benefit of our students, their families and our staff teams. Our overriding objective is to improve the outcomes and life chances for every student at Carwarden and where we can help those of SEND pupils in other local school settings.   

Our long-term aim is to be an influential partner within a larger MAT and we are looking at opportunities for this either by growing the Iris Academy Trust or by joining another existing MAT.  In consultation with the Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC), we are ideally aiming to be part of a ‘special school only’ MAT though other options are being explored.

We believe that being or becoming part of a larger and successful MAT would deliver economies of scale, give us greater financial sustainability for the future and minimize the potential risks of being an isolated school on our own. 


Iris Academy Trust Documents