Year 10 at TeenTech Surrey

Year 10 at TeenTech Surrey

Students from Year 10 had a wonderful day at TeenTech at the University of Surrey recently. TeenTech aims to inspire teenagers to consider careers in science, technology and engineering.

Over 120 leading scientists, engineers and technologists from global, regional and start-up companies brought leading edge technology to show our students how they can be part of this world. From robotics to broadcast technology, precision engineering to world class scientific research, the event showcased the range of opportunities in a fast changing career landscape.


Students from Year 10 represented Carwarden House at the TeenTech Surrey event at the University of Surrey recently. They were great ambassadors for the school and they all contributed really well. We were delighted to win a prize from Air Products who will now come to school to do a demonstration with liquid nitrogen. Jovan set off a cannon too!

Here you can see Sam and Sharlie presenting in front of 100 people about the app they designed. They showed tremendous confidence to do this, with Sam commenting "I was shaking the whole time I was up there." We're very proud of them.  

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