Sixth Form Work Experience

Sixth Form Work Experience

Sixth Formers Josh, JJ, Jessica and James spend one day a week working at the Premier Inn hotel in Camberley. Click here to read about the work they're doing, the great feedback they've received and why Premier Inn are looking to extend this to their other hotels.

The  Premier Inn hotel in Camberley were approached earlier this year to see if they would be interested in setting up a work experience programme with some of our sixth formers. The management at the hotel were really keen and enthusiastic to start this and once head office had agreed we sent three students there in January 2015. This was so successful that another four students are there now (May 2015).

The hotel staff and guests are able to see how hard working, enthusiastic and friendly students from Carwarden House School are and the students are enjoying a great opportunity to experience what it is like to work in the hospitality industry. They have worked in housekeeping making beds, hoovering, dusting and replenishing the tea and coffee in the rooms and they've also worked in the kitchens helping with the clearing of the breakfast items and preparing for the lunch and evening meals. The students have taken on their duties very seriously; their attitude and professionalism has been outstanding. Talking of one of the student’s one of the managers said “I would definitely hire her and have her working at Premier Inn,” whilst another manager commented saying “he always has a smile on his face and said to me how nice I looked today”.

This partnership has been so successful that Premier Inn are now looking to see if they can expand this opportunity to their other hotels in the area.


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