Well Done Pullman Class

Well Done Pullman Class

Well done to Pullman Class for a week of 100% attendance! To celebrate Mrs Packham, Mrs King and Mrs Aylett took all of 10D bowling as a treat.



Bowling Trip Friday 24th January 2014


Today Pullman Class (10D) went bowling as a special treat for being a lovely tutor group . At half past 10 we walked to Pine Ridge with a bit of a sing-song. Mrs Aylett led the way with Rachel. When we got to the bowling we changed shoes and bought squash. Let’s bowl! We had three lanes with three to four people in each team. I loved the way everyone was respectful to each other, especially the boys' team with the way they connected to each other: Kathleen with her twirling, Jack getting strikes. Even Mrs Packham did well in bowling while sharing her turns with Mrs Aylett and Mrs King. RESULTS - in the first team Christopher won; in the second team Jack won, and in the third team Mrs Aylett won. On the way back we tried a different route and another sing song; everyone was excited when we got back because it was lunchtime. It was great to see everyone happy and having fun and not annoying each other. It just shows if you’re good at school it can be amazing what can happen.

Thank you x

Rachel Lee

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