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Carwarden House

Community School and Sixth Form


Our Wellbeing Journey

Our well-being journey began in 2016 when we looked at how we could raise the outcomes for our pupil premium pupils. We began looking at how they saw their own well-being.

A questionnaire was designed and the results were evaluated and we began to change the way we worked and the way we looked at things. Very quickly it became apparent that this focus on well-being needed to be a whole school approach, not only for pupils but for staff too.

Late in 2017 we signed up for the Well-being award for schools as this would give us a focus and a framework to work within. By 2018 well-being was included as a strategic priority and embraced by all. We asked staff, pupils, parents and other stakeholders for feedback on well-being and how they thought we were doing. Using these results, we started to implement changes.

We made the well-being and positive mental health of every member of our community central to our work and many, many initiatives have been implemented leading to measurable improvements. We’ve worked hard to ensure that our students voice is really ‘heard’ and that their programme with us is highly personalised. The staff training programme has included sessions not only about mental health but how we can make a difference through building pupil’s resilience.

In July 2019 we successfully achieved the Well-being award for schools. This is not the end of our well-being journey, this is just the beginning!