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Carwarden House School Donates To The Harvest Festival!

For this Harvest Festival all of Cawarden House School teamed up with our Local Foodbank to bring in some donations for the Harvest Festival. This is such an amazing cause and we are so proud as a school that we could be a part of it and help others that are less fortunate than ourselves. 

The Harvest Festival is a celebration of all the food that is grown on our land. It celebrates of all our crops and shows us how we should share with the less fortunate.  

Carwarden House School has really enjoyed learning about the Harvest Festival and they have been very keen to give in their donations for the less fortunate. It highlights the importance of kindness and sharing with others. 

This year our students had the pleasure of dropping off all of the Carwarden House Schools Donations that we have been collecting over the past few weeks. We collected everyday essentials like tinned food, toiletries and long lasting items.

Our students really enjoyed seeing where all their donations went and loved that all their hard work led to giving back to the community and improving other people lives.