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Carwarden House

Community School and Sixth Form

Curriculum and Learning


Carwarden House School is committed to providing a Careers & Vocational Education Programme that builds students' Employability skills, Independence and Autonomy.  We are working with 'Talentino', an external careers provider who specialise in working with young people who have SEN.  We are committed to increasing the possibility and probability of paid work for young people with learning difficulties.

At Carwarden House, there are a number of work experience opportunities available for our students.

Below is a list of  year groups and what your son/daughter can expect to complete: 

Year 10 Work Experience: 

2 weeks

Year 11 Work Experience: 

2 weeks 

Year 12 Work Experience: 

1 day a week for half a term 

Year 13 Work Experience: 

1 day a week for a whole term 

Year 14 Work Experience: 

1 day a week for the whole academic year

Our careers lead at Carwarden House Community School and Sixth Form is: 

Rona Redman

Email Address:

Phone Number:

01276 709080


Carwarden House Community School,

118 Upper Chobham Road, 



GU15 1EJ

There is advice and guidance for parents and guardians on the following website, which can help support you in guiding young people through the first stages of their career:

If you have any queries regarding Work Experience or careers please do not hesitate to get in contact with us! 

Attached below is how we currently meet the Gatsby Benchmarks for good Career Guidance.

This document is a continuous working document and will be updated regularly.