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Carwarden House

Community School and Sixth Form

About us

School Improvement Priorities

Carwarden House Community School has  shown ourselves to be responsive and sensitive to the needs and demands of our students, their parents and the five local authorities from which we accept students. We have done this by focusing on building quality relationships with all of those people and the result is:

  • students who report that they are happy, feel safe and achieve well;
  • parents who value our efforts, dedication and professionalism and who can approach us with their suggestions, which we value greatly, on how we can improve;
  • staff who are highly skilled, flexible, emotionally intelligent, creative and dedicated;
  • local authorities who ask us to take hard-to-place students as we have a strong reputation for being flexible and for giving a damn;
  • Ofsted agree with us that we’re doing a good job.

The school is characterised by a can-do attitude from staff, students, parents and governors who always strive to be better.

Our Key Strategic Priorities

School leaders, staff and our Board of Governors together determine strategic priorities each year to help us achieve our vision and to support continuous school improvement.

In the academic year 2019 / 20 these were: 

  •  Further consolidate the “Curriculum for Life’ (securing student progress).
  •  Develop an increasingly ‘person centred’ approach to the Annual Review process.
  •  Increase our capacity to respond to student’s mental health needs. 
  •  Establish a growing MAT consisting of at least 3 and up to 5 schools.  
  •  Capitalise on community partnership opportunities.

In the academic year 2020 / 21 these are:

  • Ensure the school remains COVID-secure
  • Secure effective provision within COVID-19 organisational arrangements

  • Plan to ensure the medium to long term financial security of the school without reducing the quality of provision

For the current academic year 2021 / 2022 these are:

  • Ensure the schools remains COVID-secure.
  • Secure outstanding provision
  • Secure the medium / long-term financial viability of the school without reducing the quality of provision.
  • Plan to be part of a larger MAT. 

Recent & significant developments in relation to whole school improvement  

  • Bespoke Middle Leadership development programme delivered to build the capacity of leadership across the school, enabling middle leaders to more effectively support the senior team in raising standards.
  • Teaching Assistant development programme delivered leading to greater effectiveness of TAs within the lesson. 
  • Full review of the curriculum (KS3 – KS5) completed with revised ‘Curriculum for Life’ & assessment framework implemented September 2018. 
  • Significant improvements in the communication and consultation with all stakeholders including parents, students and whole staff team.
  • Revised and improved EHCP annual review process introduced in line with the Code of Practice.
  • Improved reporting to parents implemented (including introduction of Academic Review Days and significant increase in parental attendance).    
  • Continual improvement in the work experience curriculum in KS4 and Sixth Form with enhanced employer network and a corresponding increase in the number and frequency of placements. Some employment opportunities developing as a result.
  • Regular (weekly) FE college opportunities established for all Key Stage 4 & 5 students. 
  • Ongoing development of the successful partnership with Wellington College (weekly sessions with Sixth Form and CPD opportunities for staff team). New partnership with Bradfield College established. 
  • School signed up to National Wellbeing Award – achieved accreditation July 2019.
  • Significant improvements to the safety and security of school promises completed.
  • Additional income generation strategy proving successful. 
  • School able to set balanced budget for next financial year despite significant funding challenges without any reduction in the quality of provision or redundancies. 
  • Strength and effectiveness of governance improved securing enhanced levels of appropriate challenge & support. 
  • Increased opportunities for more students to benefit from residential opportunities. 
  • Significant refurbishment & improvements continually made to learning environment (internal & external).
  • School role increased from 119 in September 2017 to 150 in 2019. 

You can download a copy of the SIP below.