School Development Plan

School Development Plan

Carwarden House Community School has changed remarkably in the last four years. We have shown ourselves to be responsive and sensitive to the needs and demands of our students, their parents and the five local authorities from which we accept students. We have done this by focusing on building quality relationships with all of those people and the result is:

  • students who report that they are happy, feel safe and achieve well;
  • parents who value our efforts, dedication and professionalism and who can approach us with their suggestions, which we value greatly, on how we can improve;
  • staff who are highly skilled, flexible, emotionally intelligent, creative and dedicated;
  • local authorities who ask us to take hard-to-place students as we have a strong reputation for being flexible and for giving a damn;
  • Ofsted agree with us that we’re doing a good job.

The school is characterised by a can-do attitude from staff, students, parents and governors who always strive to be better. We have had, understandably, an obsession with the behaviour of our students. In order to improve further from this solid base and focus more heavily on how our students learn best and make exceptional progress our priorities for the forthcoming year will be:

Better leadership (Leader - TS)

  • succession planning, middle leadership and governance, MAT

Better teaching (Leader – AE)

  • Lesson Study, therapeutic knowledge, curriculum breadth

Better behaviour (Leader – TS)

  • restorative approaches, independence, self-regulation 

 Our progress towards meeting these targets is evaluated by leaders on a termly basis and this progress is monitored and overseen by our board of governors in their committee meetings.

You can download a copy of the SDP below. 

  1. School development plan 2016-18
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