Please see below for the report from our most recent Ofsted inspection undertaken in June 2017. This report can also be found at https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/inspection-reports/find-inspection-report/provider/ELS/141147.

Information about the school is also available via the Ofsted Data Dashboard. This provides a snapshot of performance and the dashboard can be used by governors, parents and by members of the public to check performance of the school or provider in which they are interested.

The Data Dashboard complements the Ofsted inspection report by providing a summary of results data over a three year period and comparisons to other schools or providers. The data should be used by governors to generate key questions to support and challenge the leadership team.

Special schools generate little in terms of external public examination performance information so this tool is of limited value in comparison to mainstream schools.

Carwarden House's dashboard can be found here - http://dashboard.ofsted.gov.uk/dash.php?urn=141147.

  1. Jan 2014 inspection report
  2. June 2017 Inspection Report
  3. October 2012 inspection report
  4. January 2013 monitoring visit
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