Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme


This year the pupils designed and developed a personal physical training program which they carried out at Lightwater Leisure Centre. The 12-week course enabled them to complete a gym induction course and learn how to use the various machines in the gym to develop cardiovascular fitness. They also learnt several exercises that developed their speed, strength, power, endurance, balance and flexibility. As well as the gym they also completed 45 minute spinning and aerobics classes to music. They recorded all of their weekly data in a table they designed and tried to increase their scores each week to show progression.


We undertook a 12-week broadcasting course at Eagle Radio in Guildford which also included a bronze arts award. This course covered lots of new skills including:

  • radio advertising;
  • recording;
  • sound effects;
  • radio drama production;
  • script development;
  • radio play;
  • storytelling.

All the recordings were placed on a CD and given to the students and some of the recordings even went out on a radio station program.


We continue to work with Surrey Wildlife Trust on Whitmoor Common to carry out the practical management of open spaces. The students along with other community volunteers manage the local habitat which involves:

  • scrub clearance;
  • maintaining ponds and streams;
  • removing overgrown vegetation;
  • coppicing;
  • hedge laying;
  • tree planting;
  • removal of problem species;
  • fencing;
  • bridge building;
  • sign construction;
  • maintaining animals;
  • orienteering.


A two-day canoe expedition in July saw our Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme students navigating the River Wey for over four miles each day, carrying with them all their equipment and food for two days. Each pupil:

  • steered and controlled a canoe;
  • navigated their team to control markers;
  • worked and controlled a canal lock as part of a team;
  • erected their own tent with a partner;
  • cooked a meal on a trangia stove;
  • packed and carried their equipment in an efficient way;
  • stacked and secured boats on a trailer;
  • moved a canoe with a partner in a safe and controlled way;
  • knew how to use safety equipment should a member of the group fall into the river.


  • Healthy Schools
  • Eco Schools
  • Unicef