From September 2019 the Department for Education has increased the number of pupils on roll to 150.

Admission to the school is coordinated by Surrey County Council and decisions are made by a panel of headteachers and senior SEN officers from the local authority with the support of fellow professionals such as educational psychologists and Youth Support Service advisers (for Sixth-Form admissions).

The panel sits in the November of the academic year prior to admission (normally Year 6 or Year 11). Parent Partnership representatives are present as observers. Although parents are not present at the panel their views are actively sought and form part of the decision-making process.

Details of the admissions criteria for Surrey County Council special schools are available from their website and from the documents available for download at the bottom of this page.

At Carwarden House we take the admissions process very seriously and will visit all potential students prior to the panel to see students and talk to staff in the current school. All prospective parents will also be encouraged to visit prior to the panel. Once admissions have been agreed we begin our transition process. This involves further informal visits by students, parents and staff, attendance by a senior leader from Carwarden House at the Year 6 annual review and attendance by the new student at our two-day induction in the summer term. We also invite new parents to coffee mornings held once a half-term so that they can begin their own transition process in to the school. Individual admissions are made throughout the year if the school has appropriate places.


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