More to Legoland than rides!

More to Legoland than rides!

Year 7 had a wonderful day at Legoland. They started with a workshop in the morning then time in the park in the afternoon.

"It was great. I loved the boats at Legoland. I learnt to build a Lego robot. We went in a submarine under the water." Eilia, 7K

"The first ride I went on was the fairy tale brook. Mrs Packham and I took a selfie!  I enjoyed the ride in the cars at the driving school.  It got my driving license.  I had a sandwich for my lunch.  In the afternoon we built a robot. The robot moved forwards.  I had a fun day." Theo, 7K

"On Monday 18th April I went with my class to Legoland.  I really enjoyed my time in Legoland.  I learnt to drive a car." Amelia, 7K

"Legoland was fun and enjoyable.  I enjoyed the robot program." Jake, 7K

"I went to Legoland.  My favourite ride was the driving school.  I learnt about making a robot in the workshop." Oliver, 7K

"The trip to Legoland was amazing because we took a selfie.  I really enjoyed the train ride because Mrs Gibson got wet.  We learnt how to make a robot.  We had to make the robot connect to the computer.  My favourite ride was the laser rider because we had to shoot the target.  I scored 500." Kieran, 7K

"On Monday 18th April I went to Legoland with my class.  I enjoyed going on lots of rides and my favourite was the car ride.  I enjoyed building the robot in the workshop.  I tried to make the robot go forwards and backwards.  At the end of the day I was sad to say goodbye to Legoland." Yashica, 7K

"My trip to Legoland was very fun and very exciting.  The thing that I liked about Legoland the most was the robots made out of Lego.  I learnt that you can use Lego to build robots and control the robot.  My favourite ride that we went on was the submarine ride." Joshua, 7K

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