Why aren't you working with a special school?

Why aren't you working with a special school?

In September 2014 students in the Sixth Form began getting to know the students in The Stanley boarding house at Wellington College. The relationship has flourished since then, and now includes The Orange boarding house too. Read, watch and listen here to learn more about this special partnership.

 7% of all children in England are privately educated and 1.1% of all children go to a special school. Carwarden House and Wellington College are at the extremities of the educational continuum in England.We appear to be poles apart but the reality is that our schools, whilst looking superficially different, have much in common, share the same values and are ultimately trying to achieve the same things.

Learn more about how we have been building a special, lasting relationship between the two schools by watching this video, expertly produced by Toby Bryer, a Stanley boy, who writes "Over the course of the 2014/15 school year, my year group in Stanley House at Wellington College decided to get involved with a special needs school called Carwarden House.
The project created new long lasting friendships and they were all lucky enough to present this documentary made by us and the project run by them at the Festival of Education among the likes of Piers Morgan and many more.
This films shows their story........."

We were fortunate to talk about our experiences at the Sunday Times Festival of Education in June 2015. The presentation that Mr O'Brien, Mrs Ramsay, Mr Venables (The Stanley's Housemaster) and Father Novis gave can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

The Times Educational Supplement were also very interested in our work and asked Mr O'Brien to write about it for their magazine. You can read the article here.

Mr Venables wrote an article, Using Service to Build a Growth Mindset, for Wellington College's own Research Department that can be read here.

We are all very excited about this year and are looking forward to more life-changing experiences for both staff and students. Watch this space!

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