Thank you Novartis

Thank you Novartis

What a lovely day to be out of the office! Thank you to the hardworking and dedicated colleagues from Novartis who gave their time and effort to help us with a community project. We hope they enjoyed their day as much as we did. Thank you also to Mrs Ramsay and the superb Sixth Form students who cooked a delicious meal to sustain them at lunch.

Our volunteers arrived nice and early and after Mr Wood kitted them out with the correct safetyware, they were set for work. Firstly, they finished off digging out a piece of ground near the new astroturf.


Then after a tasty lunch, prepared and served by Mrs Ramsaey and some of our Sixth Formers, the volunteers started mixing and pouring concrete, then after levelling the concrete off they placed stones into the wet concrete.


Thank you once again to Novartis and the volunteers for their time and hard work, it looks great!


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