Trip to The Houses of Parliament

Trip to The Houses of Parliament

6th Form and Year 11 enjoyed a day out in London visiting the Houses of Parliament. The visit also included a quick meeting with The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP.

We arrived in London and just had enough time for a quick lunch before joining the queue for our tour of the Houses of Parliament.


We were split into two groups; our tour was full of information and the building was amazing with so much history. Our guide took us into the room where the Queen gets really for the State Opening of Parliament, then we went into the House of Lords. We were not allowed to sit on the bench as we aren't Lords but we were told all about the different seats and who was allowed to sit where.


We returned to the main hall and had to wait a little while Prime Minister's Questions finished and then The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP came to meet with us. We had some questions for him which he was only too pleased to answer.


We had a wonderful trip and returned just in time for the end of the school day. We would like to express our thanks to the two tour guides in the Houses of Parliament and to The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP for their time and knowledge.

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