Thank you Novartis!

Thank you Novartis!

Carwarden House would like to say a big thank you to the volenteers from Novartis UK based in Camberley. Despite the wet weather a group of their staff came to Carwarden House on Thursday 8th May with wellingtons and gardening gloves to improve some of the gardens and grounds.

Work started when a very kind group of volunteers from Novartis UK came to improve part of the school's grounds and gardens. Between heavy downpours the volunteers put their backs into clearing the rock garden round one of the school ponds, and the front flower bed.


After the weeds were removed the volunteers enjoyed a well-deserved lunch cooked and prepared by the Sixth Form. Then it was back to work laying the weed matting and covering it with slate chips.

We would like to thank the team of volunteers once again for their time and their hard work and for taking such an interest in the work of the school. All the volunteers took the opportunity to tour the school before starting work and were keen to talk to the students about their own work. We look forward to seeing them at the school celebration day in September.


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